Moments By Christy

Photography is about capturing a moment.

     I've loved photography since I was a little girl with my first camera.  Although back then I actually had to develop the film.  I've always been one to come up with new ideas and new ways to take fun and memorable photos.  For me, simply posing people and having them smile at the camera was never the way to go.  I would peer around corners or crawl under tables to get an unexpected shot.  I love to take photos that evoke an emotion, take you to a specific time or place, or draw a memory to the front of your mind, but most of all a photo that captures the moment of surprise, love, tenderness, or joy.  Whatever your moment, allow me to capture it.

    My muse came to me in the form of my son.  Since the moment of his birth I have created photo after photo that inserts him into a fun and sometimes precarious position.  Results have varied, but each photo takes me back to that time and place and those are the moments I will treasure.  

     Moments by Christy Photography is located in Houston, TX.